Although we do not currently have an office in Hawaii, and perhaps it’s just because it was 16 degrees when I went to take the dog for a walk this morning, the latest news from sunny and warm Hawaii caught my eye.

  (photo courtesy of Sarah_Ackerman)


New Year’s Day 2012 marked the first day that Hawaii performed civil union ceremonies under a law that was enacted in February 2011. 


Since Hawaii is already a popular honeymoon destination, the law is likely going to boost gay and lesbian tourism for same-sex couples planning destination weddings.  The law not only benefits gay and lesbian tourists and those involved in the hospitality industry, it benefits all same-sex residents of Hawaii.


The law also means that Hawaii employers will need to review benefits and leave policies to determine if revisions need to made to allow for civil union partners to have the same benefits as spouses.  Of course, certain benefits may not need to be or cannot be changed because of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.